something I’ve said…..

sometimes the best way to start is is by saying sorry……

and something to sooth the wound, I hope……..


The Kick Inside!

So here goes!Well!… its Dara O Connell’s ,@daraboy, and ‘hunk of the nations’ special wedding in a few weeks time. Am hovering over the postman these days! To say I am lost to lose Daraboy!, would hardly summarise my view!

Yesterday, while feeding Casper and Minxie, I felt sick, ( actually can’t keep a thing down these mornings!) I happened to catch their favorite daytime TV. As the cats scratch their poles, I was irked to see Amanda Hand only try to autocue a few astrology readings. I know Amanda, and she may well be your future wife Dara, but really! Have you been sharing some of our secrets??

I guess it was all a little joke, and as she came across more Russell Grant than I ever could. So taking the initiative, and keeping an open spirit, I thought it would be the most wonderful wedding gift to look into Dara and Amanda’s aura and chart your specific entwined energies for the future. So here goes! (I am using my mother’s old tarot cards on this one)

Naturally, Dara you are recently too busy with arrangements that returning my calls/ text and even emails, reflects true of your ‘Mercury in retrograde’. Communication is not your strong card. Most virile Taurus blooded men express themselves through their body. We have all witnessed that. Communication is vital, especially now, as a new horizon that will redefine your life is upon us.

I cannot say this in any other way, but through the here and now!

I hope Dara you will be looking forward to having a small Christmas present of a Capricorn in the house ……. Yes its true! as true as the blue line on any pregnancy kit,  DARA O CONNELL you will be SO SO Proud! GO MUNSTER!

I never thought the internet would open up so much for me. For all my antics and new media, I guess I was too busy to focus on myself and listen, just listen. Of course, I saw theses events unfold but they were very clouded, and am so excited for Dara and myself.The future is guaranteed for another generation. I know you will make a great dad Dara!x

Solar Flares

Heliocentrically, Mars will be approaching an opposition with Saturn & trine with Pluto over this weekend. This is a progressive, albeit stressful influence on me and will require me to change how I operate with new clients. So apologies those who texted regarding ‘an invasion of space’ but  I just want the best.

Now, I would love to introduce a new aspect to my work, which is a recommendations section. This will allow you to openly put forward your voice on how you felt the experience of futurology changes your life. So below you can see an especially sweat note from DARA O CONNELL the recently appointed Lions Captain. Who could deny him. Yum!

“ Cassy takes on the challenge face on, and tackles issues that brought me to an extreme high in sports psychology and performance…I cannot see any downside to embracing her methods ….to be give that edge when push comes to shove, has been a silent hand in putting on the Lions Jersey….’ @daraboy

Thank you Dara:)x

On the downside for being a medium, is the constant torpor of exhaustion that I live in. The Eight of Wands, as we all know, also denotes haste and rapid advancement of a situation. This in hindsight may result in the certain decisions being made. They say hindsight is twenty/twenty but as you may agree from recent posts it can be a blurr. Luckily for me, I only deal with the future!

I have not chosen this gifted life, nor have I ignored it. While in my induced trances it is important to have all my resources at heightened levels to draw in the spirits. This might require physical contact at times. Those of you from Western Civilizations might find this uncomfortable at first. But advancement into your Auras is the only way really.

But as I am naturally impulsive, I must remain mindful not to rush into things without having a clear future plan for myself. This is akin to the cobbler is last to get new shoes, I hear you say! I guess if you are connecting with me regularly in my house you all know this. It doesn’t take a psychic ! LOL

Think I will hit the isolation tank and talk to you soon.

PS -I said of course, I would mention the Monkstown Bridge Club, whom were very gracious last week, thank you all. Especially for travelling such a distance. Though you are beaten by a couple from Wicklow who travelled here for their readings. I hope Pat and Grace your Sat Nav is now fixed.